Psychedelic integration is key to sustaining the benefits of your experience. The document linked below lays out the basics of psychedelic integration, with links to integration materials categorized into different sections you can choose to focus on.


Tomas Frymann

As a surfer, academic, meditator, world traveler, student of philosophy, socially-oriented person, and general ‘yes-sayer’ I have explored what it means to live a good life from many angles. My doctoral research at Columbia University in the Psychology and Spirituality lab has been focused on the awareness of ‘Inter-Being’ – which refers to the sense that all people are unique and yet one with the universe (no more separate from the whole of creation than a wave is from the ocean). My research work has been focused on understanding and communication surrounding the shift from a sense of Separate Being to Inter-Being based identity.

I spent months working at an Ayahuasca treatment center, Rythmia, and have supported many individuals in their psychedelic experiences and integration. Across my work I value bringing forward an authentic, appreciative, and positive attitude, and striving to bridge the personal, professional, spiritual, and scientific worlds.

I aim to assist clients in preparation and drawing benefit from the many facets of life that psychedelics relate to – spanning   personal transformation, family dynamics, sense of purpose, integration, personal identity, relationship to death, and understanding of true self.  I share my enthusiasm and deep sense of joy and purpose with clients. In session I deeply listen to the client's unique experiences and questions - and in turn share my reflections, perspectives, and insights regarding the client's navigation of the profound and often radical shifts in consciousness and life quality that can arise from psychedelic experiences.

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Sophie Whitney

I assist individuals who have had a psychedelic experience and whom are looking to ground and integrate that experience into their day to day life. Psychedelic integration can be understood as the process one continuously undertakes to bolster the insights they gained from an experience and live from that place of new knowledge, insight, and understanding. Through this process, individuals are supported and guided to uncover new insights and meaning post-transformative experience. This support is also open to those who are preparing for a psychedelic experience. I received my M.A. in psychology from Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute, am a certified yoga teacher and meditation teacher, and am currently pursuing my doctorate in clinical psychology. I have worked at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica (an ayahuasca retreat center) where I worked closely with the chief medical officer Dr. Jeff McNairy and owner and founder Gerry Powell. I have also worked for the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program in New York City under Dr. Ingmar Gorman where I helped facilitate and participated in their Psychedelics 101 & 102 training led by Dr. Gorman and Dr. Elizabeth Neilson whom both work in psychedelic integration. In working together, integration becomes a practice in compassion, growth, and strength. I believe that integrating our psychedelic experiences is in service to both the individual and the collective, and that through the process we can find great joy and meaning.

I bring in mindfulness-based approaches, as much of my masters education focused on spirituality and the mind-body connection. Clients will be encouraged and supported to feel both expansive and grounded through customized means of approach. Each individual is unique, but we all share a desire to connect with our experience of ourselves, others, and the world on a deeper and more meaningful level.

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