Our retreats have a theme of Interbeing meets living the dream. It can't get much better: guided yoga, beach meditations, surf sessions, entheogenic ceremonies, friends, fun, and the sun all fused together and brought to an exotic location. We bring in our background in spiritual education to facilitate a collaborative exploration of spirituality that makes the retreat uniquely elevated, communal, and conducive to fostering your future Zen-liness. We hope you will join us this summer for an epic opportunity to enjoy nature, meet new friends, learn to surf,  and relax in the tropics!


As We Wake in Bocas Del Toro 2024!

Our location in Bocas Del Toro (see AirBnB listing here) is prime for beginning, intermediate, to advanced surfers, and the estate we will be staying in is luxurious and safe,  beachside, with lounge spots galore perfect for yoga, meditation, and sun bathing.

Included in Price: nutritious meals, accommodation, yoga, meditation, surf, 5-MEO entheogenic ceremony, WisdomShare, and group activities.


Our daily Schedule will include surfing, yoga, meditation, Wisdomshare, and guided workshops, a light breakfast, and two nutritious meals. Participants are welcome to join in, relax, or adventure as they will!


WisdomShare is a learning model developed by As We Wake team member Laura Sniderman. It is an empowering format that generates dynamic energy and unique experiences for the participants and group as a whole. WISDOMSHARING is defined as an act of inspired contribution, enacted through sharing your passions, knowledge, or skill sets with the community at large by offering. The sharings contribute to the fun, laughter, adventure, meaning, and beauty of the group experience.

Suggestions for Designing Your Own WisdomShare: 1. Bring your unique wisdom forward 2. Make it largely experiential, with some theory/information framing the experience 3. Shoot for about a 60 minute share 4. Have fun!!

Beachfront Accommodation

We have found an incredible location for this year's retreat! The villa is located Bocas Del Toro, Panama. The architectural design is clean, cheerful and cozy, was developed by renowned professionals and attuning to maximal well-being. Wake up to a breathtaking view of the ocean!

2 x 200$ Discount

We are offering a $200 earlybird discount for signing up before 1/1/2024 and a $200 discount on your stay if you bring along a friend, partner, or family member who has not been on a retreat with us yet! And there's not limit.. you can receive an additional $200 off for each friend you bring!


50% refund for any reason for up to two weeks before departure, no refund within two weeks





"Being a part of something bigger than yourself is definitely an experience I was exposed to in every session. All is connected yet all is unique and meaningful in its own way- I have thought of these type of perspectives before but this was another level. The mindfulness, meditation and merely the manner that the both of you shared from personal relevant life experiences was truly mind opening and purely for that I am beyond thankful. Helped me to realize that to grow and truly be I have to be true, open and honest to myself - an experience that has changed my outlook in 5 days, now the growth will manifest in the next years to come!"
-Bryn David

"Tomas and Sophie are a super power couple that are so full of creativity and enthusiasm. With their humor, care and unlimited love they showed us how to see the bigger picture in life and connect with all living beings. Their exercises were practical, deep and really eye opening."
- Jigar Natra

"I attended the As We Wake retreat in Long Island summer of 2017, and I'm so glad I went!  This was my first real introduction to mindfulness, but I felt right at home with our group and had no trouble participating and contributing during the activities led by Tomas and Sophie.  Although we kept ourselves busy throughout the weekend in and around the beautiful seaside house in Montauk, I felt totally recharged when I got back to the city on Sunday evening.  It was a very serene experience--I remember ignoring my phone so as not to spoil the feeling.  Tomas and Sophie were fantastic hosts with complementary strengths.  They are always friendly and easy-going, which was helpful for someone like me when approaching these topics for the first time.  Nonetheless, they possess extensive knowledge and wisdom and succeeded in provoking new ways of thinking about the world and my relationship to it.  I highly recommend the As We Wake retreats to anyone interested.  Come with an open heart and mind, and you'll be treated to a perfect weekend."

- Will Notten, Google Employee

"It's hard to find the right words to describe how impactful the Nicaragua retreat was for me. Spending a week in such a beautiful place while focusing on the deeper questions regarding life, self, love, and harmony made this trip a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience. If you are looking to broaden your mind and perspective, this trip is the one to do it. For me, it wasn't so much about finding "the answers", but more about "asking the right questions" -- the ones that really make you stop and think. In short, I see things differently now. Shortly before this trip, I had begun a journey of finding self love and understanding. My experiences there propelled me forward on this journey. Sophie and Tomas are the best guides and they will help you dive deep and ask the right questions. They helped me find find honesty and a capacity for empathy within myself that I didn't know existed. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking to discover more about themselves, others, and the beautiful world around them."
- Chris Lee, GoGuardian Employee

Sophie and Tomas put together an excellent mix of activities for the mind and body in a welcoming and relaxing environment.  The surf, conversation, and company are all superb and their retreats are ideal for those looking to explore and refresh.
-Justin Hubbard, Real Estate Manager