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It can be difficult to navigate the world of psychedelics - and very important to get it right.
We're here to help you. Through stages of education, preparation, integration, and coaching we'll help you with questions like 'What are the meaningful differences between substances?', 'How can I best prepare myself for a journey?', 'How can use the experience I had to make my life better?', 'How can I continue self-growth in a broader life context?'

"The psychedelic experience opens up the door for change. The real benefit comes in translating the experience into daily life."

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THE BENEFITS OF psychedelic support

  1. Minimize risk involved
  2. Maximize Benefit
  3. Have Personal Guidance
  4. Experience Emotional support
  5. feel Stability + accountability in creating life changes

"The value of support can't be overestimated in approaching life changing experiences."

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"A chance interaction on a train to Santa Barbara led me to contacting Tomas, and that chance has and still is having a profound impact on my life.

I think I had forgotten how, but I laugh more now. I see my demons for what they are; not me. I see the beauty in things that I have missed for so long. I can see now that I am part something bigger and not the trivial thoughts that churned over and over in my head.

Tomas helped reset my compass. For that I am eternally grateful."
Derick M.

What are the nuts & bolts?

We provide individuals with basic scientific and cultural wisdom about the use of psychedelics, acquaint them with important aspects of preparing for a journey, collaboratively interpret symbolic material that comes up during the experience, provide support with personal challenges, ground expansive feelings in day to day life, and foster positive change through consultation and guided exercises (all while having fun and building a positive relationship!)



Progress, Create, & Transcend

Applying Interbeing to life is a collaborative and longer-term partnership oriented towards wellness and transcendence of limitations.



Unpack, Interpret, Implement, & Sustain

Integration supports the constructive interpretation and implementation of transformative experiences into daily life.



Intention, Life Context, Practicality,
Set & Setting

Preparation begins the process of readiness to approach an experience - at the mental, physical, and practical levels.



Basics, Risks, Benefits, Research, & Wisodm

Education prepares you to enter the field of psychedelics, maximizing your personal safety and supporting your potential for growth.


A wealth of relevant experience.
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Founder of 'As We Wake' 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
MAPS & Psychedelics Support Integration Provider
Psilocybin Journey Support
Rythmia Life Advancement Center - Ayahuasca Assistant
Developer of Interbeing Scale of Self-Transcendence

Columbia University

Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology & Spirituality Lab
Therapy Training: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Resilience Focused Family Therapy
Life Coaching Certified - New Skills Academy
Private & group tutor for SAT, statistics, psychology, math, biology
Founder of 'As We Wake' 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
Dissertation research on mindfulness, spirituality, and nature
Presenations At: Science of Consciousness Conference, Science & Non-Duality Conference, Mind-Body Radio


Double Major in Psychology and Biology
GPA 3.940, graduated Highest Honors
Mentor for special needs adolescents - Leaps N Boundz
Tutored university level math and psychology
Founder of SNAP club (Social Nice Active People)

LJ High School

Harvard Book Award
5.0 GPA 11th Grade, 4.9 GPA 10th Grade
Taught piano, soccer, and basketball to youth

Hobbies & Passions

Professional Skimboarder - Amateur World Champion 2009
Surf Instructor and avid sports enthusiast
World Traveler: Travelled and acquainted with the culture and people of China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, India. Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Moorea, Fiji, Caribbean Islands, New Caledonia. Holland, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana.  Canada, México,  Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.

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"I am a personal witness to the power of positive life transformation occasioned by psychedelics. Through my own journey I have cultivated a deep rooted joy in nurturing the process of growth for others."
Tomas Frymann, Ph.D. Candidate
Personal Story


In can be tough to find the right support.
That's why were here for you.
Down-to-earth and open minded, receptive and engaged, progressive and informed.

All Psychedelics- Curious

A new, radical, important, life changing experience deserves quality exploration.

All Psychedelics- Committed

We will help you prepare your mind, body, and spirit to be in an optimal state of receptivity to change.

All Psychedelics-Integrating

Make the most of your journey by collaboratively integrating your experience.

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Sliding Scale Offered: Standard Rate $95 per Session

If you can not afford the standard rate we still have a deep care to be of service and to support you. Please enter your email or contact us to let us know how we can help.


Tomas Frymann
& Sophie Whitney

"We relish the opportunity to support others in preparing for, and integrating, what may be one of the most meaningful experiences of their life. We founded As We Wake for this purpose, and to be in service of the broader advancement of human consciousness. Through working together at Rythmia Life Advancement Center (an Ayahuasca retreat center) and Columbia University (where we originally met studying psychology and spirituality), and through our personal travels, meditations, and psychedelic experiences, we have explored consciousness from many angles. We thrive on discovering and sharing what it means to live a good life. We are excited to be in touch with you, and honored to serve you in your journey!"

- Tomas & Sophie

No risk involved

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If you book a session and are not satisfied you’ll get your money back. We are confident that our services will be valuable, but if for any reason you feel the mentorship is not quite the right fit we are more than happy to refund all of the money.

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La Jolla, CA

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